George LeileVisions

LivingHis Vision

Inspired by the legacy of Rev. George Leile, George Leile Visions, Inc. was created to continue the work of service and evangelism in the Savannah community. GLV was founded in 1990 by First African Baptist Church to meet the physical, social and psychological needs of impoverished people. George Leile Visions, Inc. was incorporated on March 13, 1990. The organization received 501(c)3 status the same year and is designated as a religious organization. As a nonprofit of First African Baptist Church, George Leile Visions, Inc. manages and extends several ministries of the church.

His History& His Legacy

Rev. George Leile, the first pastor of First African Baptist Church was born in Virginia circa 1750. He was removed to Georgia where he was converted and baptized by Rev. Matthew Moore. Rev. Leile was licensed and ordained to preach the gospel which he did traveling from plantation to plantation. In May of 1775 he was ordained as the pastor and in December of 1777, the church was officially constituted as a body of organized believers. In 1782, rather than risk reenslavement, Pastor Leile left with the British when Savannah was evacuated and migrated to Jamaica. In 1784, he organized the first Baptist church in Kingston, making him the first Baptist missionary of record. He became the first American missionary, 30 years before Adoniram Judson left for Burma.

As an extension of FAB ministries, GLV provides cultural education through tourism, a job-readiness program through parking services, media services, gift shop services, housing, utility, food, clothing, and referral assistance to the Savannah-Chatham County, state, national & international communities.


Serving theCommunity

The Outreach Assistance Program of George Leile Visions, Inc. is responsible for coordinating and developing referral sources and financial assistance for housing and utilities. This division administers the Brown Bag Program, which is a community grocery distribution. As an extension of the ministry of First African Baptist Church, it is important to provide a holistic approach when providing services.
The Tourism Division of George Leile Visions, Inc. is responsible for scheduling, coordinating, and operating tours of First African Baptist Church. The tours offer guests the opportunity to experience the history, cultural education, and legacy of First African Baptist Church. This division acts as another medium to share the ministry of Fistr African Baptist Church, reaching individuals globally.
The Job-Readiness Program of George Leile Visions, Inc. is designed as a program to provide training for individuals in reestablishing employment and work-readiness. The division offers employment and workshops to individuals who have been previously deemed unemployable because of past criminal history or addiction. This division coordinates parking for all events, services, functions, and activities held at First African Baptist Church.
GLV in partnership with Healing Communities of Georgia in Savannah, Inc. focuses on building relationships of healing, redemption and reconciliation in families and communities impacted by crime and mass incarceration. Assists returning citizens in securing birth certificates, state I. D.'s, and Social Security Cards and providing housing assistance and referrals. Certified as a Station of Hope for Healing Communities of Georgia, Inc.
The Marketing Division of George Leile Visions, Inc. assists in the development, implementation, and administration of direct marketing promotions and coordinates marketing efforts concerning events, services, functions, and activities of First African Baptist Church and George Leile Visions, Inc. This division assists in the designing of marketing materials and collaborates with all media outlets regarding press releases.
The Media Division of George Leile Visions, Inc. coordinates the media buying and planning for First African Baptist Church and George Leile Visions, Inc. This division is responsible for all video and sound production of the organizations' events, services, functions, and activities. The division maintains live streaming capabilities for church events, public events, and services.

Making aDifference

Helping others with our hands... The Lord will open the heavens, the storehouse of His bounty, to send rain on your land in season and to bless all the work of your hands. You will lend to many nations but will borrow from none.

Deuteronomy 28:12

GLV Annual Report

By performing these services, GLV ties into the history of First African Baptist Church by following the work of other pastors in addition to Rev. Leile. First African Baptist Church has been a place of leadership and service since its inception. Reverend Emmanuel King Love, the sixth pastor, led the movement to establish Savannah State University, formerly known as Georgia State Industrial College for Colored Youth. Rev. Love also played a big role in the establishment of Morehouse College in Atlanta, GA and Paine College in Augusta, GA. The civil rights museum in Savannah, GA is named in the honor of former pastor, Rev. Dr. Ralph Mark Gilbert for his courageous work during the Civil Rights Movement in the South.