First African's Ministries

Through our ministries we provide disciples opportunities to shape the lives of others through service. We invite you to assist us as we do God's Work.

Ministry Directory

Ministry Contact Email
Christian EducationRev. Marco George
Culinary MinistryEarthell Wittlinger
Deaconess MinistryLevessie Lambert-Walker
Deacons MinistryDea. James Riles
Finance MinistryCharles Black
Healing Communities MinistryMin. Derrek Curry
Hospitality MinistryValerie Faulcon
Ladies Auxiliary MinistryDr. Ethel P. Stokes
Media MinistryDea. Alfred McGuire, Jr.
Missionary MinistryWillie Williams
Music MinistryArkeem Brown
New Disciples MinistryJeanette Saleem
Outreach MinistryMinister Derrek Curry
Parking MinistryDr. Tony Wardlaw
Pastor's Armor BearersDeloris Lovette
Senior Saints MinistryEarthell Wittlinger
Stephen MinistryPhyllis Bush
Tourism MinistryJanet J. Lee
Transportation MinistryDea. Harry Johnson
Trustees MinistryVenoris B. James
Ushers MinistryMary Gillespie
Young Adult MinistryChristian Deas
Youth MinistryAntoinette Ellis